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"As my last attempt before going to a dermatologist, I tried out Essential Rose Life's Rose Gold Face Serum and Goddess Facial Exfoliant. When I say my life has changed, it has inside and out! After a month, my hyper pigmented skin went away completely, old scars were completely cured, AND my face now feels perfectly moisturized for the whole day! It has turned into a routine of self-love that is my absolute favorite."                                                                                                             -Elise Pierre Louis, JLP Patisserie
"Since I've gotten the Sacred Presence Mood Mist I don't go anywhere without it. It's like carrying a little piece of magic with you. I feel it has a powerful effect on my energy field. When I spray it I feel like I come back to myself, like I come back home."                                                                                                                                                       -Heather Conn


"Every single tea is amazing. Not only do they taste beautifully, they do what they say. I love these so much that I’ve bought the Lifestyle Set for every one of my friends. And they all love it too!"                                                                                                                                            -Erika Berkowitz, Haven Gallery


Essential Rose Life offers truly holistic beauty.  Our products and rituals nourish the skin and transform your self-care routine into an experience of healing self-love.  

Self-love is integral to building healthy relationships, cultivating happiness, handling adversity and sustaining a deeply enriched life, from the inside out.

We love women and want your essence to shine through, not be dimmed by toxic potions and goops to lather on in the hopes of smoothing out a wrinkle-in-time.

We want you to benefit from truly holistic beauty by using our organic, Aromatherapist-formulated products scientifically designed to nourish your skin on a cellular level, soothe your soul on a spiritual level, and nurture a healthy connection between you and the world.


Our all-natural products are Aromatherapist-formulated; they are scientifically designed from organic & wildcrafted plants to be effective, exquisite, and unparalleled in quality and integrity. 

Our rituals are developed from CEO Jennifer Goldman's personal process of healing; they are powerful moments of self-care that cater to the modern woman's busy lifestyle and are easily accessible on-the-go or throughout the day.  


We are so honored to donate a percentage of every purchase made to Girls, Inc. Long Island, which is a charitable organization that supports and and empowers young women to be their best selves. We believe true beauty blooms when the seed has been planted and nurtured with tender care. 


"The mission of Girls Incorporated® of Long Island is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. We provide school and community based programming that serves the unique needs of girls, ages 5-18, living in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Through community partnerships, we help girls to achieve their full potential making their future brighter." - Girls Inc. 


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Through the seamless integration of herbal teas and beauty products, we offer a full-sensory immersion into a truly holistic lifestyle.  

We seek to partner with:


-wellness centers


-and other spaces that nourish the connection between mind, body, nature, and community. 

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It is Jennifer's mission to empower her community.  Through the integration of mindful movement and breath-work, coupled with aromatherapy and herbal tea ceremony, she offers a platform for self-connection, healing, and transformation.