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On 2017: Making the Impossible Possible

Jennifer Goldman

Kundalini Yoga Master Guru Dharam describes 2 0 1 7 numerologically as a year of 10, or 1 + 0.

According to numerology, the study of the significance of numbers, O N E represents new beginnings. It is a time of manifestation and creation. During a 1 year, we begin a new cycle and reconnect with our soul’s mission, manifesting our deepest truths. Z E R O symbolizes source. It is the emptiness that precedes everything and the latent, kinetic potential for creation to occur.

Combined, the energy of 10 gives birth to a period where what has not yet taken shape, and what may seem completely intangible, inconceivable, and even impossible, is made manifest in an unprecedented and incredibly powerful way. As Guru Dharam claims, it is the time of making the impossible possible.

In 2017, we have the divine power to completely shatter our preconceived notions and limiting beliefs. We have the ability to redefine entirely what is possible and to create something from what feels like nothing through the power of deep unwavering faith.

At this time, we are being asked to access our deepest truths, to communicate our soul’s message, and to courageously conjure up our wildest and most repressed dreams; to make them real and present.

We do this is by feeling our fear, owning our doubt, and clarifying our vision in the face of it all. We recognize our negative thinking as part of the process (this will never work, this will take at least 10 years to accomplish, etc) and cling relentlessly to the vision, amidst our tendency to want to tone it down and play it safe.

Where does your mind continually wander in your day-dreams? What is it that you keep coming back to? What is it you’re not allowing yourself to really imagine? This is your destiny. Drop the armor, surrender to radical vulnerability, and recognize that you can throw yourself out there and not break. In fact, you might actually even soar in ways that you could not have previously imagined.

What would it mean for you to make the impossible possible? What would it mean for you to dream big?

PRACTICE: Block out a space of 30 minutes. Use the first 5 minutes to center. Close your eyes, deepen your breath. Bring your awareness into your heart. Feel your feet rooted to the Earth. You are safe and supported. Use the next 15 minutes to free write on the above questions.
Notice what comes up for you. Circle any repetitive words or concepts.
Meditate on these for 10 minutes.