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Longer Story


“You won’t be needing anything, where you’re going.”

These were the words I heard as I blinked my eyes open to two strangers standing in the doorway of my bedroom, and my mother tearing up at the foot of my bed.  It was 4:30 AM on a Thursday, March 9th, 2007 to be exact.  “We’re heading to the Atlanta airport.  We can’t tell you for how long you’ll be gone.” 

I was 16 years old at the time, and my life changed forever that day, in that moment, which ultimately became a two-year long period of deep contemplation and introspection.  

It started at a Therapeutic Wilderness Program in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia—it was cold; freezing.  We lived outdoors.  I didn’t see a shower or a bathroom for 10 weeks.  We were forced to exert ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually every day.  We were completely removed from the world we once knew and dropped into a parallel universe filled with lots of silly rules and strange-sounding therapeutic jargon.  This was supposed to strip us down of all our comforts and force us to truly face ourselves. 

The “Woods” we called it, was just the predecessor to an extensive, deep-dive emotional immersion that constituted my stay at Carlbrook, a Therapeutic Boarding School in Southern Virginia.  I was used to running—a class-cutting, shamelessly defiant high school rebel, busy masking the wounds of a deeply vulnerable and self-deprecating child.  But this time, there was no escape.  The only way out was through—through shedding the layers and baring my soul to a group of strangers who I entrusted to receive me totally and fully, as I was: imperfections, past grievances, and all.    

And I consider this the starting point—expressing myself in this way—so authentically, so uninhibited, which slowly began to bridge the gap between who I was being and who I was deep inside.  The closer I came to myself, the more I realized how profoundly unhappy I had been until that point.  

I decided at merely 16 years old that I wanted to be the catalyst of my own healing.  I wanted to take back control of my own life and be the author of my own happiness.  Ultimately, this led me on a long-winded, wholly cathartic journey of self-healing and discovery that has opened me to a vastly deepened experience of self-soothing and self-love. I found solace in the realm of MindBody healing and became enamored with yoga and meditation, energy healing, ancient integrative systems of medicine, and most significantly, what became my beloved passion—medicinal plants and essential oils.      

It was during my time at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York where I began to deeply explore the healing arts.  I essentially created my own curriculum, where in between class I would connect with other likeminded individuals in downtown Saratoga about their personal journeys of healing and self-discovery.  During my senior year, I incorporated Essential Rose LLC prior to achieving a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Philosophy.  Dubbed the “Campus Witch” by many, you could find me brewing, blending, and selling handmade healing concoctions in my campus-apartment.   

Since then, I have become a twice-certified 200-hour Yoga instructor in the Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga traditions and a certified Aromatherapist through the New York Institute of Aromatherapy, which informs my personal philosophy of self-care and all of my essential oil and herbal tea creations.   

I have continued to cultivate a vibrant & flourishing luxury lifestyle brand that is inspired in part by my family’s fifth generation high-end clothing business, as well as my own journey of healing.  Essential Rose is an amalgamation of all the tools and practices I have gathered to create a joyful life, elegantly packaged with the utmost concern for quality, integrity, and finesse. 

It is my life’s work to continue to deepen my sense of self-love and to help other people do the same—to make all that I have experienced and learned along the way accessible for others to practice on their own time.  

At Essential Rose, self-love is the foundation of true beauty.  It is a way that you relate to and engage with yourself that determines how you show up in the world.  Essential Rose herbal teas and beauty products are handcrafted from my personal experience to support and enhance inner and outer beauty through engaging the senses and offering organic, self-love rituals for MindBody beauty.